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03 October

New York Office beach party - circa 1990's

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This is one of the stress-relief events Dick McPherson cooked up for the New York office in the '80's and 90's. Here are the names I know, from left to right:

Front row: ?, ?, ?, Vinnie Masiello, Margaret Weiss (Masiello), ?

Second row: Dick McPherson, ?, ?, Maryellen Matta, ?, Bobby Esposito, Sylvia Camus, Rick Allen, Dave O'Shea

Third row: ?, ?, Linda and Bryan Kittle, ?, Wayne Randolph, ?

If anyone from the NY office can fill in the ?s, let me know!!

03 October

Office Work

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Above is another view of the Barrister lobby, but this one includes, from left to right, Kelly Maley (now Kelly Moeller), my daughter, Tracey Fisher, who put in a year entering data and working the switchboard for Tom Wrinn, and the Man himself, Hank Semmelhack.